Flaresim 5.0.2 Updates


The following updates have been made in Flaresim 5.0.2

1. Restored ability to export isopleths as Autocad DXF files and added ability to export as Autocad DWG files
2. Restored ability to import Autocad DXF format overlays and added ability to import Autocad DWG Files
3. Enhanced tip size utility to save, recall and display results of sizing calculations
4. Correct problem where Flaresim is left as a background task after closing and fails to release network license
5. Fix problems with seal choke check calculation and pressure drop calculation when multiple burners are used.
6. Fix some formatting problems in isopleth plots and graphic reports
7. Fix issue with unregistered report component
8. Fix a number of unhandled exception conditions


Details of the updates contained in Flaresim 5.0 can be found here


Flaresim 5.0.2 can be downloaded through the client login area.

  • FLARESIM V5.2.1

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