Flaresim 5.0.3 Updates


The following updates have been made in Flaresim 5.0.3

1. Added new concentration based API 2014 method for calculating smokeless steam rate
2. Prevent zero flow in one tip from disabling jet dispersion calculation for all tips
3. Updated Wayne transmissivity calculation for distances less than 10m from flame. Included check for use of Wayne transmissivity on loading old cases with warning and recalculation if used.
4. Fixed incorrect REFPROP data file reference for cyclo hexane component
5. Fixed problem where stack sterile area calculation hangs when tip flow is zero
6. Fix problem with Case summary tree view when Flaresim is used with large fonts. NB. Flaresim should be run under Windows 8 or later to work well with large fonts
7. Fix a number of minor data input issues


Details of the updates contained in Flaresim 5.0 can be found here


Flaresim 5.0.3 can be downloaded through the client login area.

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