Flaresim 5.1.0 Update


The following new features have been added in Flaresim

1. New shield calculation method for Mesh Heat Shields marketed by Locker Heatshielding Ltd
2. New Actions tab for Case Study to allow automatic saving of isopleth curves, summary results and other items for each case
3. New Welltest API fluid method to allow fluids for Welltest burners to be defined by API gravity and K factor.
4. New option to allow tip seals to be based on tip or stack diameter
5. New option to allow purge velocities to be calculated at tip, stack or seal diameters

The following improvements have been made in Flaresim 5.1

1. Enhanced error status messages to assist in setup of models
2. Updates to table, plot and graphic report output to indicate basis for noise calculations
3. Updated layout file definitions to ensure that isopleth graphic reports have equal X and Y dimensions
4. Prevent jet dispersion calculations being attempted for Welltest tips which would normally lead to failure of all jet dispersion calculations. Warning provided to alert user when this is attempted.


Flaresim 5.0 can be downloaded through the client login area.

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